700K EVO

Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

COUGAR 700K is an iF design award mechanical keyboard. We've taken its components to another level, which is the upgrade 700K EVO. It keeps the superb quality Cherry MX mechanical keys with extra G-key. The exposed brushed aluminum frame shows dazzling RGB lighting effects. Moreover, 700K EVO provides you more convenient and speedier on-the-fly macro recording and mode switch without getting out of the game. This keyboard is designed to meet all MOBA and MMO gamers' needs.

COUGAR 700K EVO - 机械式键盘


COUGAR 700K 机械式电竞键盘

COUGAR 700K 是针对专业的游戏玩家所设计的一款高端机械式电竞键盘。灵感来自军事上的隐形战机技术并以几何晶体面的设计元素。其机械按键模块与刷毛饰面的铝质板组装在一起,这样的结构提供用户更有效率的敲击按键,就算不提及它坚固耐用的基础结构。在最外层则覆盖一个塑料结构来增加保护感。显露在眼前的按键及按钮极佳地与塑料架构结合。因此,描绘及推进注意 朝向按键区域,让玩家能专注在竞争激烈的游戏中。 一个额外的FPS掌托采用磁性附着采用符合人体工程学的设计,提供在操控WASD按键时最好的支持。


COUGAR 700K EVO - 铝架结构

COUGAR 700K EVO - 铝架结构

Aluminium Frame Structure

Both for achieving a better aesthetic design and for improving the product’s durability, the mechanical key modules are mounted over an exposed bent aluminium structure. Apart from being part of an award-winning design (COMPUTEX d&i awards 2014, iF product design award 2014), this structure makes the keyboard sturdy and durable and gives you what every keyboard should give you: the true feeling of being in command.

COUGAR 700K EVO - 铝架结构

RGB Backlight Meets Aluminum: A Glorious RGB Performance

With powerful preset lighting effects, you will enjoy 700K EVO’s spectacular backlights right upon plugging it in. Control easily and switch easily the backlight effects on the fly with this keyboard’s convenient shortcut keys.
In case this wasn’t enough, you can create your own backlight effects through the COUGAR UIX System to create your own, unique, gaming atmosphere. Unleash your creativity!
700K EVO’s aluminum front plate combines elegance and durability to create an impressive face for this powerful gaming weapon. It doesn’t stop there: the RGB backlight reflects on the aluminum to create a glorious visual effect that will transform your gaming experience!

Ergonomic Wrist Rest for Extended Gaming Comfort

700K EVO’s ergonomic wrist rest is made of plush leatherette, which offers an outstanding design for long-lasting comfort during gaming sessions.

Five G-Keys

5 Programmable G keys allow for quick access to a variety of functions. Fully configurable, all of them make your life easier by enabling you to access the functions you want without interfering with the standard keys of the keyboard. Five keys on the left side of the keyboard, near the WASD keys for quick access without moving your hand.

On-the-fly Mode Switch

Three dedicated keys allow you to switch configuration Profiles instantly with a single movement, without getting out of the game. Thanks to 700K’s on-board memory and three internally stored configuration Profiles, you will be able to bring a massive amount of functions with you anywhere you go.

Repeat Rate 1X/2X/4X/8X Adjustment

The COUGAR 700K allows for quick adjustment of the repeat rate of the keyboard,which is especially useful for games which require repeatedly pressing a specific key.

COUGAR 700K EVO - 6个G键


Set the functionality of all the keys, store macros and create your own backlight effects, all with a very convenient and intuitive interface. The 700K EVO´s internal memory will then allow you to bring up to three full configuration profiles anywhere you go.

COUGAR 700K EVO - 铝架结构


  • COUGAR 700K EVO - 32位 ARM 处理器、内建内存
    32位 ARM 处理器、内建内存

    32 位 ARM 处理器提供了卓越的指令周期,保证你的需求可以顺利处理,而主板上有内建3个内存,可以让你更换PC不用重新设定。

  • COUGAR 700K EVO - 按键无冲突技术

    直接N-键在USB模式下,没有USB转PS / 2转接头。无限制的同时按键

  • COUGAR 700K EVO - USB/耳麦延伸接孔

    一个便利的 USB 连接,让您快速连接鼠标或其他 USB 设备。另外包含了耳机、麦克风的接孔。

  • COUGAR 700K EVO - USB/耳麦延伸接孔
    1000 Hz 回报速度


  • COUGAR 700K EVO - USB/耳麦延伸接孔


  • COUGAR 700K EVO - USB/耳麦延伸接孔
    锁 Windows 键



产品名称 COUGAR 700K EVO 电竞键盘
按键种类 Cherry MX RGB 机械式
处理器 32 位
按键无冲突技术 是 ( USB mode support )
游戏类型 射击游戏/大型多人在线角色扮演游戏/多人在线战术竞技游戏/实时战略游戏
回报率 1000Hz / 1ms
连发速度 1X / 2X / 4X / 8X
材料 铝/塑料
可编程功能键 5
Wrist Rest
USB 延伸接孔
界面 镀金USB接头
线长 1.8m尺 辫织式
尺寸 250(长) X 487(宽) X 40(高) mm
9.84(长) X19.17(宽) X 1.57(高) in
重量 1.3kg (2.86 磅)


  • Windows 10


COUGAR 700K EVO - 尺寸