Pro-Cooling Compact PC Case with Tempered Glass Side Window

TURRET MESH is an affordable case with superb cooling. It sports an attractive and compact design with a tempered glass window. It can house up to three radiators and has a mesh front cover that guarantees excellent airflow. It also allows you to install up to three 350mm-long graphics cards. What else can you ask for?

Perfect Visibility

A full-size tempered glass cover gives you an ideal view of your computer’s internal components. Great in itself, it also gives you the opportunity to design attractive lighting systems inside your case and enjoy them.

Great Cooling Support

With a mesh cover that allows lots of air to pass through as well as support for six fans and three liquid cooling radiators (Frontal: 360mm, Top: 240mm, Rear: 120mm), TURRET MESH is ideal for building a powerful gaming computer and keeping it well cooled.



Gaming Vent System

We know gaming generates heat. To guarantee plenty of fresh air for your components, we have endowed TURRET MESH with a Gaming Vent System. This allows air to come in and out of the case with ease.

Graphics Power for Your Games

With support for up to three 350mm long graphics cards, TURRET MESH can house all the power you need to run the latest games smoothly.


机箱规格 Mid-Tower
尺寸 (宽x高x深) 206 x 461 x 420 (mm)
8.11 x 18.14 x 16.53 (in)
Motherboard Formats Mini ITX / Micro ATX / ATX
3.5" 硬盘槽 2
2.5" 硬盘槽 2+2 ( converted from 3.5" drive bays )
I/O 接孔 USB3.0 x 2 / USB2.0 x 1, Mic x 1, Audio x 1
Cooling System 前板 120mm x 3 / 140mm x 2
上盖 120mm x 2 / 140mm x 2
背板 120mm ( pre-installed )
水冷排兼容性 前板 120mm / 240mm / 360mm
上盖 120mm / 240mm
( Max Component Height on Motherboard 40mm )
背板 120mm
扩充插槽 7
最大显示卡长度 350 (mm) / 13.77 (in)
CPU 风扇最大高度 160 (mm) / 6.29 (in)
Transparent Side Panel Tempered Glass
电源供应器 Standard ATX PS2
电源供应器最大长度 160 (mm) / 6.3 (in)