Elegant and functional, this mid-tower case with a brushed steel front panel and a hinged tempered glass side panel is a brilliant solution for both gamers and professionals.

Great Looks

A hinged tempered glass side window allows you to see clearly your computer’s components and easily replace them, while the elegant brushed steel front panel gives it a modern and distinctive design. Good for both gamers and professionals, this is a case that looks great in any environment!

Extended Compatibility

With support for high-end motherboards up to 12″ x 13″ (E-ATX) and seven expansion slots for up to three 360mm graphics cards, you can build a wide range of powerful builds within Trofeo.

Great Cooling

With support for up to nine fans and two radiators and two big vents on the sides of the front panel that provide quick access to fresh air, Trofeo helps you keep your computer’s temperature under control.



Model Name TROFEO
机箱规格 Mid-Tower
Dimension (WxHxD) 205 x 490 x 440 (mm)
8.07 x 19.29 x 17.32 (in)
主板类型 Mini ITX / Micro ATX / ATX / E-ATX
3.5" 硬盘槽 2
2.5" 硬盘槽 3+2 ( 3.5” 硬盘槽可转换为2个2.5” 硬盘槽)
I/O 接孔 USB3.0 x 2 / USB2.0 x 1 / Mic x 1 / Audio x 1
Maximum Number of Fans 9 Max.
Cooling System 前板 120mm x 3
上盖 140mm x 2 / 120mm x 2
背板 120mm (预装风扇)
Bottom 120mm x 3
水冷排兼容性 上盖 280mm / 240mm / 140mm / 120mm
背板 120mm
扩充插槽 7
最大显示卡长度 360 (mm) / 14.17 (in)
CPU 风扇最大高度 160 (mm) / 6.29 (in)
电源供应器 Standard ATX PS2
电源供应器最大长度 160 (mm) / 6.3 (in)